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The indoor megamalls had their advantages, and disadvantages. Mall walkers can get their exercise in an envornmentally controlled enviornment. The same comforts also draws, or in the case of Crestwood Plaza(The Ultra Mall), in South West St. Louis county, Jamestown Mall in Far North county, and North West Plaza in North West St. Louis county drew(all three now closed, and abandoned) another elemant that wasn't there to shop. Shoplift maybe. Groups orroaming teenagers. Large groups acting up,some displaying gang colors, and flashinggang signs. Intimidating paying customers, and leading to the malls closure.
Of course I don't think Branson Landing would suffer the same demise.
What does make covering the Landing not feasible is the cost of the project in the first place. Covering the whole hotel/condo complex would probably cost many times what the original project cost.
Union Station is one such mall in St. Louis. I worked on it when the project went in. However the advantage in that situation was the entire project was built under the existing roof of the old train station.
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