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Originally Posted by shis1 View Post
Sounds like a good campground. No wifii? Anymore, I"m lost if I can't use my laptop
I knew I'd forget something...YES, there is wifi. They write a code on your map, when you check-in. I used the 3G on my phone, the whole time. DH used the wifi, though...code entered, just fine. I'll add that to my review, above (for people who only read the review).

Originally Posted by Crazy4Branson View Post
Looks like a great place, whether you camp or use their lodging!

I like their "breakfast in bed" option....... click Whistle Stop Cafe.....
I liked that, too. If we hadn't already packed breakfast, my camp chef would have liked "breakfast in bed".
Why, sometimes I've believed as many as
six impossible things, before breakfast.

~ Lewis Carroll... "Alice in Wonderland"

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