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REVIEW: Compton Ridge Campground & Motel

We just got back from a 2-night stay, at Compton Ridge Campground. I would be hesitant to call this simply a "campground"'s more of a "camping community". We were uber impressed, from the time we checked-in, until we checked-out. Rates for campsites are $30-something a night...a little more than other campgrounds, but well worth it. Before I get into the review of the campground/camp sites, I have to mention that they also have motel-type rooms and different styles of cabins, for those who don't camp.

When we checked-in, they gave us a detailed map of the "campground/community" and wrote a wifi code on it, for the free wifi (all over the campground). They gave us trash bags and told us to put our trash "by the curb" every day (don't leave it out, overnight) and they would drive by and pick it up. I have never seen "trash pickup" at a campground. Then, she asked if we were traveling with pets. I told her two dogs and she asked what size...she had packages of tiny, medium, and large dog biscuits. So, when I told her we had yorkies, she gave me two packages of tiny dog biscuits. Then, one of the ladies hopped on a golf cart and escorted us to our site...told us we could back in or pull-through (which was no big deal, with our little camper...LOL) The entire time we stayed there, employees would stop every time they drove by on a golf cart, and ask if everything was okay and if there was anything they could do. We were very impressed with the staff.

All sites have electric and water (even the tent sites), although the tent sites have the low amp hookups that you would use with a regular extension cord (can't remember how many amps...15, maybe?) My husband thinks they're 30-amp but said they are "fused/older" electric boxes, and you wouldn't want to plug-in a camper. I believe most of the RV sites have 30-amp and I do know that they have some 50-amp sites. I'm not good about knowing the number of amps...just know what the outlet looks like, that we need. Most of the sites also have Cable TV. Almost all of the campsites have "kitchen shelters" which are basically a wooden deck with a roof, with a picnic table in it. Most of them were "balconies", over an embankment. As another board member said to me, one would want to be very careful walking around the campsites at could end up at the bottom of an embankment. We did not bring hanging lights, this time...but, will definitely hang them on the kitchen shelter, next time. We don't walk around in the dark, but just for safety... Almost all of the sites are spacious and far enough apart, that you don't feel like you could throw a rock at your neighbor. Here are some random pictures of typical camp sites..the last one is a tent site:

Now for the "community". They have a cafe..."The Whistle Stop Cafe" that is open for breakfast and for dinner. They have pizza delivery...yes, you can have pizza delivered to your campsite. They have a huge store (convenience store sized) and the prices are comparable to the local Country Mart...maybe a little higher, but it is a campground store. They had fresh baked cookies and fudge and other baked goods. Above the store is a can exchange books and I believe she said you could just check-out books, too. They had DVD movie rentals for $1 a night. They show movies every night, sometimes on the Tennis Court and sometimes in the Pavilion beside the Tennis Court. There is a game room and they have a laundromat (maybe two). There are two outdoor pools and one indoor/heated pool. A few people were using the indoor pool, but not many...most were enjoying the outside pools, which were nice and clean.

Speaking of clean, the bath houses were nice...well, the one we used was. We never went in the other one. One morning I went in the bath house and it was not so clean, but not bad, either. But, that was before "morning cleaning" and within the hour they were spotless, again. Sinks are in a new counter top (marble looking) and the faucets are new goldish looking faucets. The shower heads are the big round ones and the knobs are turn-type (not push button). The water was "warm" when I turned on hot water only, but no public bath house will allow water as hot as I like it...not with children using them. Each shower was in its own "stall" with a slide-latch door...front part was a small dressing room with a chair.

Other than the good food they get to eat, while camping, my puppies were most impressed with the "Bark Park". All campgrounds require dogs to be on 6-foot leashes at all times. They are used to it, but like all dogs, they would like to be able to just run free, every once in a while. Well, they have a "Bark Park" that is fenced, where dogs can run and chase squirrels and just have a really good time. There is a nice bench, so their people can sit down and read, and a water spicket so their dish can be filled with cool, fresh water.

Overall, I'd say this is one of the best campgrounds in which we have stayed...ever! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I hope I haven't forgotten anything...if I have, I'll add it in a post, below.
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