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You will enjoy Taneycomo. I hope you all have great time. Which dam? I will assume Tablerock dam by the trophy area. If you flyfish you will love the trophy area. Ultralights with spinning lures work well along the bank. The MDC boat ramp has good places to work the river from the bank. Other places are hard without waders. The water is cold. From Fall Creek resort is an island off to your left as you go west toward the dam. Work the bank and the main channel. For spinning lures I recommend the local Lil Jakes. It looks like left over dice from Vegas that has been flattened out. Get all the different colors until you find what they are hitting. Also, Mepps extra deep lures in yellow, olive and chartruesse. There is a jig called the sculpin jig. It works well when they are deep in the area just toward the dam from Fall Creek. For power bait get pink, chartruesse, orange and white. They will also hit Capt. America powerbait. Withpower bait work the area from the bridges and powerlines (where the boat rentals are) to Cooper Creek. Iust came from Taneycomo and the fishing is good!
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