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Yeah, it's great here at the AMC Theaters where you can put as little or as much butter and salt as you want. I definitely make sure to stay away from my mom's popcorn; she's a salt-aholic.... She's always got the most bitter-tasting (from all the salt) popcorn ever!

One of these days I'll be sure to check out these cinemas around Branson to see what they're like. I may be living in Branson by the time the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel comes out, so I'll need to scout out which theater will be the best to stake-out at for the midnight showing (at least, I'm hoping they'll be doing midnight showings...).

Anyway, thanks for all the help everyone! I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future as I get closer to the time of moving, and I'm sure I'll get all the answers I need from you guys!

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