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Movie Theaters

Nova 4 also has a couple of live music shows running in it, and the movies that they have are of the old release variety. I will often catch a movie there that I missed at one of the main theaters because you can get tickets, popcorn and a drink for $5.00.
On a personal note...
I like the Elite Cinemas, but Branson Meadows has better popcorn. (IMAX won't put real butter on it and you have to make due with the oil that they cook it in and butter salt.) My husband thinks I am weird, but I will when choosing between two movies, I will look at where it they are playing first and go to the one at Branson Meadows.
When I go to a movie, I want to have to go through at least half a dozen napkins from the butter. (Yeah, I know, sick and wrong, but there it is...)
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