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Originally Posted by OkieAnon View Post
what type of music do they do? is it country, pop, little bit of everything? this is the same theater as that show a lot of people here like.... Six isn't it? any theater combo deals? or what are the price of tickets, i've looked at the web site, find a schedule but no prices.

2 days away from going to Branson and we haven't picked a single show... i'm open to suggestions here, so sell me on these guys.
The Hughes Brothers show features everything from traditional country to pop to classical and everything in between. Lots of great music and dance from the whole family.

Yes, it is the same theatre as SIX. There is a package deal. If you book two shows in the theatre, you get $6 off each adult ticket for the 2nd show you book. Or there is a THREE show pass for $69.95 + tax to see SIX, Hughes Brothers and JEERK! GREAT bargain on that one!

**and if you call to book that 3Show Pass, be sure to ask for "BransonCutie"!**

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