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Originally Posted by MNtraveler View Post
Oh, I don't know. Probably because I was new to the area and on the map it looked like the shortest route!

I had hoped that was a rethorical question.

That shortest route took you to the heart of downtown from south to north, then all the way to the ends of the edge of the county cow pastures to the west...might have looked a short distance but midday could easily take and hour plus to drive, but you know that now, huh?

Im pretty sure you wont try that again, huh? LOL! Sorry, I would have helped you avoid that had I known.

JRE west to West Bypass - the exit to Battlefield, and go north to Chestnut, and west on Chestnut to the airport, it's an easy drive, there are a few lights, some traffic, but not bad, it moves even during rush hour.

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