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A few observations of my daughters - she's been flying to and from Orlando once a month for the last 2 years.

Daily flights via BKG (AirTran) are a plus - dd lives a couple miles from SGF (Allegiant) but appreciates the later in the day, daily return from Orlando.

Allegiant's flights to Sanford are an hour from Orlando, you have to rent a car to get from the airport to Disney. Like MNT mentioned, flying AirTran means you can be dropped off at the door to the resort, no rental needed.

DD has never had a flight delay with either AirTran or Allegiant of over half an hour in all her flights - she has had some substantial layovers in Atlanta with AirTran. She's had the option of being bumped on more than one occasion - but unable to accept the 2 RT to anywhere in the US offer, due to scheduling her flights so that she can spend every minute possible in Florida. She prefers the direct no layover option offered by Allegiant, but uses AirTran for her return about every other flight, because it gives her an extra day in Florida. She always compares price - it's almost always cheaper to fly SGF.

She NEVER pays for a seat, even when her daughter is with her - and never takes a check in bag, regardless who she's flying with.

Branson charges to drive through the parking lot - Springfield allows 30 minutes free - AND they have a cell phone lot at the edge of the airport, so they can call, and you can pull through, pick up your traveler w/o even pulling into the parking lot.

MNT - from Nixa, the easy way to get the Springfield Airport IMO, would be to drive from 14 and 160 north to James River Expressway - JRE west to West Bypass, north to Chestnut, or JRE to I44. I take that route, in reverse a couple times a week - it's a much easier drive than 65 IMO.
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