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Originally Posted by biscuitcreek View Post
After giving birth and knocking out Daniel, Daisy abandoned Lucy at a church and then she left town. A woman found the baby and contacted someone who sells babies on the black market. Through this illegal baby broker that Billy managed to find (long story), Billy and Victoria "adopted " Lucy. That hacked off Phyllis so she took Billy and Victoria to court, and she tracked down Daisy and brought her back to Genoa City. The judge took Lucy away from Billy and Victoria and gave custody to Phyllis; at the time Daisy was in favor of it. Daisy went to jail for her many crimes.

Lucy being taken away caused the split between Billy and Victoria which led him to leaving town and going to the foreign country where he met Chelsea and where he landed in jail....

Hopefully, the back story helps -- know you're a new viewer of Y&R.
Thanks! Much more involved here than I had 'figured out''
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