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I've posted on here several times about Time Out. I believe it has, hands down, the best chicken wings I've ever had. I stopped at Coyote's in Nixa the other night because I've heard good things, but there was no comparison. My favorite sauce is the Three Alarm. My wife loves the Mango Habanero. I also like the Peanut Wasabi (doesn't taste like Wasabi) and the Jamaican Jerk. But with those, I ask the cook to sprinkle a bit of Cayenne Pepper on them to make them a tad hotter for my tastes. HUGE DISCLAIMER here though. You cannot order them any other way than naked and bone in. The boneless aren't near as good and to me, the breading takes away from the chicken flavor and they are a bit on the 'dry' side. The Pig Wings you liked are amazing as well. I really like the Chipotle BBQ sauce on mine though.

As for the new location. The new spot will be in the old Elinita's towards the West end of the strip. Consulting your map, it is essentially at the intersection of Keeter Street and Green Mountain Drive by the Day's Inn. Other nearby points of interest. The Dutton's Theater, The French Quarter, and the Toy Museum.

The bad thing I see about their new location is the Fire Department is in close proximity. It'll be a good spot for the police to hang out and nab people who have had a couple drinks and don't use their turn signals properly. They already use this drag to nab speeders to fund the operating costs of the Landing fountain.

Yes, the new location will remain smoke free. They have future plans for an outdoor smoking deck, but that will be held off until they get up and running smoothly.

I'm gonna miss the 'barn' that they are vacating. It was such an easy place to get to from the back entrance off of the new Epps extension. And that deck has such an awesome view on a pretty fall/spring day. Sadly, this is all the way across town for us and we will probably visit less frequently, but I'll still have a need for those wings. The new place will give them better visibility and a better hotel crowd, so I think this is a good move for them. I wish them well.
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