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1st night of Pumpkin Lights

DH and I were there Wednesday night for the first night of Pumpkin Lights. The various lighted pumpkins and figures (spider, owl, scarecrow, etc.) are impressive. The music when you enter the square is pop music like during Moonlight Madness. You enter Pumpkin Nights through a big arch over the walkway to the Grand Exposition. The music changed to songs like Monster Mash and Ghostbusters.

In the Grand Exposition there are some figures made of lighted pumpkins including a very large spider and owl plus other decorations. You need to walk around the entire area. Most of the GE rides were running and the games were open.

Tucked into the back corner of the Grand Exposition, not too far from the roller coaster and the Elephant March, is the entrance to the walkway leading to the Pumpkin Nights plaza. It's so dim in that corner that is was difficult to find the entrance, should have had employees over in that area giving direction. The walkway has lots of lighted pumpkins with various carvings. The plaza has stands for food and face painting. There is a huge screen, a DJ playing music, and a dance floor for the 15 minute dance parties. Then to exit the plaza there is another lighted pumpkin walkway that ends by the old Waterboggan.

Some shops and food stands throughout the park were open. Some rides around the park were running. There are no shows at night other than the Echo Hollow show. DH was able to walk right on Time Traveler.

We went back the next day and was able to see more of the Harvest Festival Decorations. There was a lot we didn't see the night before because the overall lighting in the park is so dim. During the day you can see the decorations around the park but the walkway to the Plaza and the walkway to the plaza by the old Waterboggan is blocked off. Those areas open at 5 pm.

The Lumberjack Cirque show was pretty good -- it is a cirque show with acrobatics and tumbling and just happens to have a lumberjack theme so it's not a real lumberjack show of sawing logs, log rolling, etc. The Paper Dolls who were performing this week used to be known as the bluegrass group Redhead Express. They have definitely moved on to a wider range of music.

There are fewer craft booths on the walkways throughout the park so it is easier to walk through the park. There are now crafters in the Frisco barn (the building that used to be filled with all of the cowboy stuff during the fall festival).
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