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Well, the mood is "beachy"...I guess. The blue, yellow and pink pastels help that. The outside is GARISH, to put it mildly! It totally changed (cheapened???) the look of the center court at the Landing, with the BRIGHT yellow awnings/trim on either side of their main business sign, which in itself, would have fit in quite nicely, and I guess I would say, classy. But, well, just stand mid ways between it, and the Cantina Laredo, and look at will see what I am talking about. Hmm....I do not like that aspect of it.

Food and Service? I ate there both Friday night, and Saturday lunch...both times the servers were wonderful....attentive, eager, courteous, and helpful with any questions. was good...a chopped chicken salad, chicken grilled both hot and well...not as big of a portion as I would have liked. Also had a warm, soft pretzel and white queso to dip it into...Superb, on both! But a little pricey...the salad, pretzel, and glass of water, a little over $27, before tip. Hmmm. Ok, so had some guests come into town Saturday morning, they had never eaten at one, so we went their for lunch. I decided to have the same salad as before, they decided to split a seafood sampler of Fish, Chips, and Coconut battered shrimp...we also ordered the soft pretzel again...but this time since we were all very hungry, ordered the nachos. Ok, nachos, won't order again...chips VERY salty, as to burning our mouths....very little cheese and ground beef topping, just a thin layer, resulting in nothing but a thick multi mound of salty, dry chips, after the first top layer were eaten with cheese, beef, sour cream and guac....pretzel was as good as the night before, they enjoyed their seafood platter, the fish filets were large and very good tasting, shrimp very good. Just fries accompanied it, we all wished for hush puppies, but they do not carry those. Ordered 1 slice of their key lime was pretty good, not the best by any means, but certaintly not the worst I have ordered, 3 cokes, and an additional iced tea Price? Yea, high again, $89.45 before a comparison, we same 3 went to Black Oak Grill for dinner later that same evening, ordered 3 entrees..Chicken Parmesian with tube pasta, grilled chicken breast, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies, and a HUGE ceasor salad with grilled chicken...all very very good, and quality food...2 iced teas and one coke...came to $42.61 before tip.

Now, if we wouldn't have ordered the UN-needed nachos, the tab would have been a few bucks lower...but we felt we needed the pretzel, as nothing is served such as complimentary chips or bread, whereas at Black Oak Grill, they give you fresh hot bread and butter, 2 mini loaves to start, more if you want..complimentary with your meal. And take off the pie, to equal things a little more...but anyway you look at it, Landshark and it's "beachy casual" food, for us anyway, is more expensive than Black Oak grill and it's seemingly more filling, solid entrees....

Hopefully Landshark will thrive, people will drink, eat, and rack up their credit cards....but just know upfront that you WILL drop a hundred dollar bill very easily with 3 or 4 people in your group...even more so if you order "adult" beverages.
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