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Originally Posted by Suselit View Post
"The sport involves sliding "stones" into a circle down the ice, with teammates sweeping the ice to help direct the stone. Typically a team consists of four members. But in mixed curling, there are just two players per team.

Leading the American mixed curling team is the brother, sister duo of Matt and Becca Hamilton of McFarland, Wisconsin. In their first event, the Hamiltions defeated a Russian duo playing under the Olympic flag by a 9-3 score, in seven ends.

The American team is one of eight that qualified in mixed curling. Besides the Russian duo, Canada, China, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and South Korea are represented.

Already, the Hamilton family has built a social media following, with Twitter users tweeting hashtag #HamFam during past qualifying events. "

I started thinking of it as horeshoes on ice, and I was able to understand it a little bit.
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