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Originally Posted by LaJoe View Post
People REALLY need something meaningful to do.

According to the Better Business Bureau:

The BBB has provided the following information and tips for Pokeman Go players to consider:

Expenses: It’s possible to play completely cost-free by winning “PokeCoins” (the app’s currency) through gameplay, but you can also purchase the coins through an in-app purchase. The longer you play, the more spending money you need to store and “train” your gathered characters. The app also requires constant GPS access, and it uses a lot of data. After playing for hours every day, consumers with limited data plans may find themselves with a hefty bill at the end of the month.
BBB warns Pokemon Go players of real dangers of the game photo
In this Monday, July 11, 2016, photo provided by Huge shows Pokemon Go players stopping outside the Huge Cafe in downtown Atlanta, Ga., in search of digital monsters. The cafe owner noticed it was between two “Pokestops” and paid $40 in real world money to attach lures to them to increase the odds of players finding rare monsters like the “Starmie” and “Poliwag” nearby. Businesses are using the game, released in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand last week, to advertise products or services. (Brinson McGowan/Huge via AP)

Privacy: In order to play the game, users must allow the app to access other applications, such as maps and camera. Many users sign in with a Google account, and that has caused some concerns about privacy. The Android version of the game only accesses limited data (such as the user’s email address), but the iOS version for the iPhone can access all Google data. Niantic, the game’s maker, says no personal information has been accessed, and it is issuing a bug fix to correct the problem. Users can create an account through the app itself rather than using an email address to access the game.

Players should use the same safety precautions while playing the game that they would in any other outdoor setting, including caution in strange locations. A Missouri police department reported robbers using a secluded “PokeStop” location to rob unsuspecting game players. Players should be cautious as pedestrians and obey all traffic laws, and drivers should be on the lookout for children who may be distracted by the game. The app also drains phone batteries, so users should be careful not to get stranded far from home.

Infringement: PokeStops are supposed to all be on public property (or cooperative private sites), but at least one homeowner has reported that his historic house is mistakenly a PokeStop. Players should be respectful of others’ private property. Future commercial opportunities are anticipated, where stores can offer rare or unique characters to add to the game.

Distracted driving is not a new phenomenon, but AAA on Tuesday warned drivers against the newest distraction in their pocket.

Trying to catch a Pokémon while behind the wheel is a major distraction and increases your risk of causing a crash,” AAA Georgia spokesman Garrett Townsend said. “Put your phone down while driving. Just one quick text or glance to see the next Pokéstop could end up costing you or someone else their life.”

Meanwhile, distracted driving is responsible for one out of every 10 traffic-related fatalities.

So, the game tends to make you unaware of what's going on around you. It can violate your privacy. It can drive up your cell phone bill. It can cause you to trespass and annoy merchants. It is another cause of distracted driving.

Sounds like a really good idea to play this game now doesn't it?

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