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not to stir up the immigration thing again, but this is to good to not tell.

from one end of the Oklahoma panhandle to the other there's only one town (Guymon) big enough to have a couple fast food places. Guymon's mostly illegal immigrants, seems there's very little English spoken.

an aunt stopped there this summer at Mcdonalds for breakfast and coffee, coffee was to hot, she took it back and asked them to pour out half and fill it back up with cool water. they asked "which half should they pour out".... think about it for a second

we stopped at the same place Labor Day Weekend... ordered breakfast, I want a #2 but instead of coffee I want milk... "you want coke".... no milk... "ok #2 with coke"... no # 2 with milk, we then ordered a #4 with milk... "#4 with coke".... no MILK. we had no idea what we were going to get. coffee, coke or milk.
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