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We wanted to be able to go this Christmas but it is just not possible at this point. Things are just to tight money-wise right now and there is entirely too much going on in the next few weeks to even possibly think we could fit it in to our already full schedule. But we HAVE to go sometime next year or I'll go crazy!

We will have to wait until closer to time to decide on times for sure, since with my husband's work being so inconsistant (he's in a small family owned contruction business), we never know if he will be super busy and have no time to take off or if it'll be slower and we can go without a problem.

At this point our plans are tentative. Since the baby is due in June, that throws out going over summer break, so we're thinking we'll go at some point over spring break. We might go for a whole week, just so we make sure and get all we want done, just in case we can't make it back again. Or we might split it up and only go for 3 or 4 days then, so we can save the rest of his paid vacation week for later in the year- maybe over the kids' fall break in October for the SDC American crafts festival (or whatever the new name is nexy year) or for our anniversary, which is in November and during the Christmas festival, which we enjoy. That way we'd get to go at least twice and get a variety of things to do. A lot of it depends on his work, if I am up to riding the 4 hours to get there while several months pregnant, or if we wait til after the baby to go a second time whether or not we want to get the baby out in the cooler weather right then. I am soooo looking forward to going- whenever it may be though!!
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