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but if the entertainer were "headquartered" in Branson they wouldn't have to deal with the massive expense of bringing the show "on the road".
You probably couldn't sell $60 tickets in Branson for a year-round show, but you could follow the "Andy model" with the star performer having a relatively limited season and fill in the rest of the year with lesser acts at a lower price
You couldn't sell $60 tickets year round, but to keep the ticket price down to $60 an entertainer would have to be headquartered in Branson. Kind of opposite directions there Trav.
Secondly, today's top entertainers are not about to "headquarter" in Branson. Even in it's heyday, Branson didn't bring in the top entertainers of the time to open a theater, or be headquartered there. More of the Branson, or retirement entertainers.
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