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Originally Posted by rjw1991A1 View Post

Nobody wants MRT to become the next Grand Palace! The Grand Palace is an abandoned, run down eyesore in Branson! It's demise was that It was too big for regular Branson shows, and not big enough for current top entertainers. Even if a top name in today's music industry would consider a venue in Branson smaller than the arenas and domes they perform in, would the Branson crowd fork over the $100 plus ticket price.
Not sure it would take $100 tickets. We saw both Elton John and Keith Urban with Little Big Town at the JQH for about $60 per ticket. Obviously they can sell more tickets at JQH, but if the entertainer were "headquartered" in Branson they wouldn't have to deal with the massive expense of bringing the show "on the road".

You probably couldn't sell $60 tickets in Branson for a year-round show, but you could follow the "Andy model" with the star performer having a relatively limited season and fill in the rest of the year with lesser acts at a lower price. You could also partition off the top half of the theater with some type of removable wall so that when the full theater was not necessary you would just be seating in the lower half. That theater is too beautiful to let it go.

Good Times in Branson
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