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Since the Moon River Theatre/Grill website upgrade, two bad things happened with respect to the restaurant. The first is that until late last year or early this year there was a 360 degree view of EVERY room in the restaurant and it was a fantastic tool to show or point people to. Sadly this has not been continued within the update. Not sure why. Second, the menu (!__menus) showing now is not terribly usable. Sure, it has a nifty presentation with the moving pages, but they're small and so is the print...even on my two large screens. This is similar to a common problem with a good many Branson websites...the videos and similar items are about the size of a watch. Bottom line, allow people to resize at will and leave the nifty applications out when they affect usability or create drag. I'm just sayin'.

I like the smoked gouda mac-and-cheese with vegetables, though I do think a bit more of the smoked gouda would really set it off.

Several of the desserts are good.

BTW, the old 360 degree tour of every room used to be at:

however, it no longer works and isn't in the archive. I hope whomever he now has doing webwork will re-install it. Even Google has recently started a program creating 360 degree views of buisinesses so that customers can get a peek before going.

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