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I think everyone should ride the train (or any train, for that matter, once) just to say they have done it. For me, the most interesting part of the train ride down there is standing beside the tracks and watching (and feeling the ground shake) as it goes by...especially the longer freight trains. Did the ride once, just will not be doing it's not like being on a NAPA Valley wine country tour train where you can look at acres and acres (miles) of rolling hills and vineyards...not like being on the French Riviera train, say from Nice to Paris, or the Coastal train out of Nice where there is so much to see...unfortunately, after leaving the station at the Landing, there just was nothing to see! What we saw was...trees, and leaves. In the winter, what you will see is...trees and bare branches. But, again, do it once, just to say you have! Now, if I could take that train ride, and the Lennon Brothers were singing some good Glenn Miller swing/big band songs in the car I was in....ahhhh...yes...I would be a repeat customer!
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