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Gonna do it again- month long visit?

As some may remember, we did a month long stay a few years ago seeing, heck I don't really recall, but I think about 23/24 shows in 30 days. Anyways, we're coming back again in June and were bringing a couple of newbies with us.

So besides seeing some New shows and revisiting some we Loved(and visiting Branson 2 for, what other suggestions can be offered?

We didn't do SDC last time so that might be a possibility and we did try to visit Happy Hours(which we also love)...if you have any favorites in regards to this we'd greatly appreciate a heads up. I think the Happy Hours we discovered were mostly on the Landing and it seems things are always changing down there.

Finally, for those who have done it, what about that Train ride? I kept seeing it while visiting at the Landing but never really checked it out.

Thank You all for any suggestions, idea's ,comments!
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