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The theater has been for sale for many years, only now it is public in an attempt to expedite a sale. There are many theaters and parcels of land available at a far lower price in better locations, so unless someone is absolutely delusional or has romanticized the thought of owning a theater with the Andy Williams name attached, no one will ever come close to paying that kind of money. No one with any sense would be looking to purchase a theater in Branson as an investment.

When was the last time someone built/purchased a theater in Branson and was successful? Probably Sight and Sound, and that’s a completely different type of production. Name the last music show to come to town and build/purchase a theater that has been successful? And by successful I mean financially successful. Well, that might be an unfair question to ask because if people post certain shows it would be unfair to point out shows with decent sized crowds that are bleeding money. So maybe it’s more of a rhetorical question to illustrate the Branson theater market is dead, and if anyone does want to enter the market they will certainly do it at a greatly reduced price than what is currently offered.

Something to note, Andy Williams Theater has incredibly insufficient parking. It’s a 2057 seat theater with 550 (maybe) parking spots. At an average of two persons per car, on a sellout crowd that means about 900 people/450 cars don’t have anywhere to park. Trust me, I learned that the hard way when I was misled (putting it kindly) about the parking situation there. Our customers were parking at other venues where we reached an agreement to allow parking, and we paid for shuttle buses to take them to the theater. A big extra expense and a big headache. We were told this and many other issues such as handicap access would be improved and they never were. So we took our business elsewhere.
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