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Holiday Inn on Green Mountain

Stayed at Holiday Inn on Green Mountain for a few days. Took Grandson, so needed an indoor pool. We will not be back, mostly because of the service. The first evening, I called the desk to ask if someone could come check out the air conditioner. The room was hot, and very stuffy. A front desk clerk came up and fiddled with the controls, but never got it working properly. She suggested that we turn the unit off and then back on in a bit. She said they were booked and could not move us to another room. Her last words were that Walmart was close by and that I could go buy a fan!!! Room never did cool off, and I was hot the entire time. The last night, we picked up a pizza to eat in the room. Hubby stopped by the front desk and told them the trash cans in the hallway outside our room were over flowing, and that we would have some trash to take out after eating pizza. Response from the front desk was for us to bring our trash down to the desk. Nit picky things for some I am sure, but not the service we usually find in Branson hotels.
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