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George Jones

Wasn't George Jones in Branson this year? Did anyone go see him? What kind of show did he put on??

I took my husband to one of George's concerts in Springfield, IL...MANY years ago! (my DH is a HUGE fan). The trip was a COMPLETE surprise to my husband...he didn't have a clue! I picked him up at work with suitcases packed...drove him to Springfield...checked into a motel across the street from the Convention Center where the concert was held. (reservations had been made MONTHS in advance) I lead my husband out the front door of the hotel (he was still clueless), took his George Jones hat out of my purse and told him "you might want to put this on". He still wasn't sure what was going on.....then we walked into the convention center and I pulled out the tickets. Let's just say.....I was wife of the year that year! LOL He still talks about it...we had wonderful seats, and he had the time of his life. I need to relive this in Branson sometime....he deserves another surprise!
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