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Originally Posted by rjw1991A1 View Post
The name sounded very familiar to a place that used to be in a suburb of St. Louis. Schlotzski's Deli I think it was called. Very similar with the sandwiches served on a big, round loaf of bread. Long gone, but I remember them being quite a bit better that what I experienced today. I also don't remember anything in the name about "Austin". Could it be the original was taken over, or resurrected by another company?
The first time I ate at a Schlotzsky's was in Austin TX in 1983. Maybe it was a local chain then. The sandwiches were on round bread, similar to a New Orleans muffaletta.

It eventually became a national chain. The company went into bankruptcy in 2004 and a bunch of locations closed. Now it is making a comeback.
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