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Originally Posted by Crazy4Branson View Post
Oka-a-a-y-y-y who gave out my cell phone number to WestGate resorts?!?!?!?!?

There aren't 6 places/people in Branson that know my cell phone #....&&&&... NO one in Branson knew where I stayed in West Des Moines IA last November.....but, Quality Inn / West Des Moines had my cell # number.....

What was really funny, was, that the TS idiot called it Moeness, Iowa.....

I yelled @ him to remove my number from their calling list!!!! idiots!

(Can you tell, that I am a little upset?)

They sold our name and number many times over, it appears.

No Call violations are so frequent at our house that I have quit reporting them, although reporting them is pretty easy. Calls are just too frequent.
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