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Originally Posted by MNtraveler View Post
I've tried that route and it seems better than some of the others. One I haven't tried but am curious about... how far out of the way would it be to stay on JRE until I44 and then double back east?

I can sure tell you one way NOT to take... Campbell to Chestnut Expressway!!

You would back track on I44, Mile Marker 69 to Mile Marker 72 - so approx 3 miles - BUT if you take that route, it's almost exclusively 70 mph, and not a stop light to be had until you exit I44.

My dd use to work on South Campbell at JRE and lives near the airport, I don't think it ever occurred to either of us that it was even possibe to drive down South Campbell to get there! That's like driving from 65 down 76 to get to SDC - why would you do it?
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