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Originally Posted by NotJLB View Post
Hunting season not booming?

THAT was timely. A big ole slow pitch for you LBJ.
therein lies the hitch. each entity looking out for themselves.

Hang together or hang alone. I get it. But get frustrated then by the focus groups and city councils all meeting countless times to try and get something going. As long as the courses have the lot owners to pay their way, they dont care what their losses are honestly.

They should raise the rates to $500 and then would not have to cut the grass or water or anything. just charge the memebers to live on the course. OH OH...did i start something/
Our former Pro/GM now oversees a private course in SOCAL owned and maintained for one owner. The grass still has to be cut, etc.

Every operation has fixed costs that have to be paid regardless, plus the variable expenses.
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