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Way too many to list on here but here's a few. My husband getting called up on Tony Orlando's stage to be a clown 20 years ago, ( the 1 yr old daughter hated that, my 2 year old son laughed at "clown dad" for days). Taking pictures, (mainly the giant wreathe) in front of SDC. My same young daughter yelling, 'Yakov I Love you" out the car window as we drove by him, outside his theater giving an interview to a local station. ( He actually heard her). Taking the kids to meet the REAL Santa Clause at SDC. My youngest son making the fish jump at the hatchery. Echoing kids at the dam. My oldest son singing Jim Stafford's "walking in the womens underwear". The invented warp zone at the Kimberling City light display. Feeding the ducks while my youngest goose fearing daughter throws the corn from the safey of the back of the van. I could go on forever.
As previously mentioned before the alternative routes, we once had a lady using a walker pass us as we drove down the strip!

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