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biscuitcreek 08-29-2014 04:11 PM

Woodstock Folk Rock at Tribute Theater
There is a new show opening at the Tribute Theater on Friday, 9/5 -- Woodstock Folk Rock with Mike Cathcart, Bill Lennon, and Gail Lennon. Music will be everything from Paul McCartney to Peter, Paul, and Mary to Paul Simon to Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix to James Taylor, etc. All live music and singing, no tracks. Shows are at 10 am, mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

More details in this article from Branson Tri-Lakes (second section of the article):


leftsaidted 08-29-2014 09:14 PM

Could be interesting. Man, Gail Lennon....brings back memories of Branson "yesteryear" going to listen to her and the Lennon Brothers do their breakfast show and all that awesome swing music. Good stuff. Hopefully this new show will succeed.

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