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shis1 12-19-2007 11:59 AM

How Full is Your
calendar for these days leading up to, and including, Christmas? We have a few things on the agenda, but we're flexible, so I'm sure there will be some changes along the way! Friday night is DH's work Christmas dinner/party. Not that big a deal --- it will be held at a hotel, a nice dinner, and they'll pass out 'Christmas' checks and give awards to those who've had patents approved during the past year. Will also give nice recognition gifts to employees with 20+ years of service. (DH got his award (a Rolex watch and $500) several years ago!)
Kids/grandkids will arrive at our house late in the day the 24th and spend the night with us. I"m sure it will be a 'battle' to keep the grandsons (And daughter #2!) from opening gifts when they get here! We'll have a big breakfast on the 25th, then open gifts. Later in the day, we'll go to my nephew''s house for Christmas with my brother's family. Nephew has only been married 6 months and they just moved into their new home, so I"m saying "Kudos to them for tackling a turkey dinner this year! But they're anxious to show off that new house! And everyone is helping out and taking dishes and snacks. We don't get together with DH's family (each sibling has their own family gathering), but a niece will be in town from S Dakota and a nephew from western Kansas, so I"m thinking there'll be some kind of get together so everyone can visit a bit --- but no big meal. Lots going on, but oh, what fun it is to be with family! ANd then on the 26th, the big letdown starts. Nothing to look forward to till the weather warms a bit and can start thinking of a trip to Branson!

ThunderHockeyFan 12-19-2007 01:39 PM

Well I have been asked to work overtime for the next two weeks so that stinks:yuck: We actually have this weekend all open and nothing going on. Then next week we get hit hard. We have something everyday up until January 3rd.

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