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Baldwin 08-09-2021 06:47 PM

something new to make please
I have got into a rut and need to find some 'new' dishes to make.

Anyone know of something that would be good for these hot days?

biscuitcreek 08-10-2021 05:59 AM

What's in your rut? Need to have an idea of what's old for you.

Baldwin 08-10-2021 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by biscuitcreek (Post 948994)
What's in your rut? Need to have an idea of what's old for you.

Hambergers and Mac.& cheese.

Need some fast and easy meals:)

KJN 08-10-2021 04:47 PM

taco salad or maybe walking tacos.
BLT's with corn on the cob

biscuitcreek 08-11-2021 06:39 AM

Sloppy Joes and Tacos -- basically browning hamburger meat and following the directions on the seasoning packet from the store.

Summer also a good time to use your crock pot if you have one. I still prefer my crock pot to my instapot.

I put a roast in mine with various seasonings and have enough for more than 1 meal. I usually go the route with Italian seasonings, ranch dressing powder, pepperoncini peppers 1/3 to a full jar depending on heat preference, beef broth or water. Let it go for 8 hours. Makes nice sandwiches with provolone or cheese of your choice or can eat with mashed potatoes or rice.

quackaerie 09-01-2021 04:53 AM

How about paella or buritos? These two are my dream recipes to learn :duh:

rjw1991A1 09-16-2021 03:57 PM

Fall is coming now. Chili, stew, soup, jambalaya!
The last being easy, and delicious!
The Trinity(Bell Pepper, Onion, Celery) garlic Andouille sausage, and chicken
(I use shrimp and crawfish tails instead f chicken)
Season it up as uot or mild as you like. I use Emeral's Essance for the main seasoning. I also add a can off diced tomatoes. Cook it down, add rice, bingo! Great dinner!

ggh 09-18-2021 04:58 PM

quesadilla's are quick and easy - I add leftover meat (steak, chicken, ...) and cheese and eat with salsa/sourcream or if I feel ambitious, add peppers and onions to the mix - toss the fixings on a flour tortilla in a hot skillet, when the cheese starts to melt at a tortilla, and flip - then when you cut it in half you have plenty for 2.

taco's can be made with leftovers too, or make bbq sandwiches from leftover meat, or nacho's or put the meat on big salad, all quick and easy and filling.

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