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arkansan 12-11-2018 11:42 AM

June weekdays at SDC
We've been to SDC lots of times during the Spring, Fall, Christmas Break, but never during June. How do June weekdays compare to Christmas? I would like to go, but just don't want to run into the 20,000+ crowds that we saw a few weeks ago on a Saturday. Just curious if during June on weekdays, the normal attendance is bearable. I wish they posted the daily attendance somewhere so people could look back at it and have an idea of what to expect.

sanddunerider 12-11-2018 12:34 PM

Weekdays summer time? no problem 12-15,000 maybe day to day...,

over 20 would have to be a special reason, or a special event.

probably Not going to happen on a weekday in June.

Plan your trip and enjoy

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