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Bransonguy1988 06-23-2015 01:33 PM

Just caught a couple more trout! Cooking ideas???
I'm going to grill them tomorrow night!!! I haven't had trout in a long time! I just cut the heads off. Then I cut down the stomach, take all the crap out of the inside, and let them soak in saltwater. I clean them very well, as long as they are cleaned out well I would take that over a fillet any day. I'll put onions and butter in the middle, and wrap them in aluminum foil...then throw them on the grill. Someone told me that wrapping them in bacon is really good as well, I will have to try that sometime. I have been thinking about other things to put in the middle when grilling them...the options are endless!!! Any ideas what would be good?!?

rjw1991A1 06-23-2015 09:12 PM

If I don't fillet them, and give them swimming lessons in my fish fryer I do my version of Blackened Trout.
Cut the fins out, split tyem all the way to the skin. The spine, and bones, other than one side of the ribs will be on one side. If you want to take the time they can be remover before cooking. But it's kind of a pain.
I season the flesh side, now sorta "butterflied" very heavily with Emeril's Essence. Then place them flesh side down on a cast iron,ribbed grill that has been heated very hot, and wiped with a little oil. Only a couple minutes, then carefully turn over to put char marks on the skin side.
Because of the skin, and fat layer being left on they keep the stronger Salmonoid flavor than when they are filleted, and skinned. Plus the great caun flavor without being too spicy hot. The bones left in lift right out of tye meat.
But most often I treat trout like other fish. Fillet, skin, dip in milk, bread with Andy's Red, and a good dunk in hot peanut oil!:D

Suselit 06-24-2015 05:58 AM

We cook them on an outdoor grill. Trout are oilly fish and you don't need to add any other oil, just some apple wood chips to give them that smokey flavor.

rjw1991A1 06-24-2015 09:47 AM


Trout are oilly fish and you don't need to add any other oil,
That's the difference when you fillet them. Removing the skin, and fat layer takes away the stronger "trout", or salmon like flavor. The fillets, breaded and fried taste more like crappie, or other mild fish.
DW doesn't like the stronger taste, but loves the fillets.
I also don't keep any much bigger than about 15 inches long because they get even more of the fat, and strong taste. But of course that "fat" is really the fish oil, or omega 3 fatty acid that's suposed to be good for you.

ggh 06-24-2015 05:43 PM

corn meal and pan fry - cleaned, skin on or boneless skinless.

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