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YakovSmirnoff 03-12-2012 12:09 PM

Sharing Everything
Hi folks! Yakov here! One evening late last year, I was helping serve the dinner at Yakov's Dinner Adventure when I noticed an elderly couple who only requested one meal. I approached them and introduced myself. I asked why they only wanted one meal, since everyone who sees the show gets a meal with their ticket.
"Yakov," the man said, "we have been married over 76 years, and we share everything!"
"Everything?", I asked.
"Everything, even our dinner", he said.
I could see for myself how much this couple loved each other and it brought a tear to my eye.
When they received their meal, the man cut everything in two and gave half to his wife. Then the man started to eat his dinner. His wife did not eat her meal. She just stared at her husband while he ate his.
I asked, "Ma'am, is there something wrong with your dinner"?
"No, not at all, she said."
"Then why aren't you eating?", I asked.
"I'm waiting on the teeth!"

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QueenAngie 03-13-2012 10:25 PM

LOL! Tooo cute!

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