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SHOW GAL 09-30-2020 12:16 PM

Grand Country Trip
Some friends of mine have never been to Branson as it is difficult for them to get away due to their business. When they asked me for suggestions of where to go and what to do, I recommended several restaurants and attractions to them and, of course, my favorite theater, Grand Country.

Upon returning the said they enjoyed all the restaurants I suggested and some of the attractions but they said their trip was complete after seeing Grand Jubilee. They went on for 30 minutes about the show, the songs, the jokes, the band and each of the performers. They said they had seen and heard many bands but never one that played such great music and seemed to enjoy what they were doing.

I don't get to Branson as often as I used to due to Ted's medical problems but I do enjoy the time I get to spend there and especially feel good when I am able to help someone have a fantastic trip. Thanks to the entire staff at Grand Country for making this couple's vacation great. They say they will be back as soon as possible.

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