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coolarry 07-25-2005 12:18 AM

Trout fishing report for July 20 Guide trip
I am back home after my first experience trout fishing. I contracted a guide through Lilley's Landing and was paired with Jeremy Hunt, a 25 year old fly fishing fanatic. I was green as grass at fly fishing, so he chose to cast for me right at first so I could learn fly retrievel and I started catching fish right away. I must have hooked 50+ fish and landed 20. The horn blew and the wade fishing was over for the day. He then took me back to the landing and taught me the basics of fly fishing. It turns out he is also a certified fly fishing instructor. I highly reccommend Jeremy Hunt as a guide and Lilley's Landing as a quality outfitter and a great place to stay. I can't wait untill my next trip to learn more about fly fishing. :cool:

P.S. You can contact Lilley's landing at www.lilleyslanding.com and Jeremy Hunt at www.taneycomotrout.com

LauraIowa 07-25-2005 12:54 PM

What a great website and experience for you! I'm hoping to hire a guide for my husband and 4 boys next week. I'm trying to find someone who can take up 5 people and have found two: Scotty's Marina and Rick's Guide Service? Anyone familiar with those.

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