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rjw1991A1 07-03-2019 06:03 PM

From near flood to near empty!
The ever changing life of lake Taneycomo. One of the air filled baffles at Powersite dam is down with a bad air hose. Can't be fixed until Bull shoals gets down to below 687 Leaving Taneycomo extremely low. It needs to drop a little over a foot. Doesn't sound like much, but the surface area of a lake the size of Bull Shoals is a lot of water. The problem being what leaves Bull Shoals ends up in the lower Mississippi. Already flooded, as it has been most of the year.
So they can't just open up Table Rock, and dump a bunch of water into Taneycomo. The Corps is going to "pulse" two units for some water flow over the shallow gravel shoals to wet them in an attempt to keep the sculpins, scuds, and various bugs that live and reproduce there. They are an important source of food for the trout in Taneycomo.
Not just in Branson, and the upper lake. Rockaway Beach has some docks, and boats sitting on the mud left by the dropping water.

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