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Jerm 08-04-2002 10:32 PM

2 Branson Trips :):)
My grandma has an SDC season pass and she had not used it yet until this past Friday. I took her down for the day. My grandma is in her 80's and with the heat the way it is I took her from show to show. We went to see "For the Glory" which was just as good as always and "Veggie Tales" which I think is so cute. After that I decided we should think about leaving and on our way out of the park we stopped at that Bakery that you pass by both coming and going and had a calzone. A calzone is sort of like a pizza. The toppings on a pizza are on top, the toppings are inside with a calzone. It was very good. After leaving there we went and just drove around Branson enjoying the air conditioning. I took her down to Big Cedar Lodge and drove her around in there. Before heading home we stopped at Gilley's Texas Cafe for dinner. It was very good.

Branson trip # 2- My sister and I are going down to Branson tomorrow and staying until Wed. We wanted to stay at Grand Country because of the water park, my other sisters kids are also going to be with us and they like to swim. I called today for reservations and they were completely booked up until the 11th of this month and then she told me there were a few dates open and they were going to be booked up again for a while. So then we thought we would stay at Branson's Best. I called there and they were completely booked up as well. We are going to be staying at the new Comfort Inn over by the Branson Meadows outlet mall. With our SDC season passes the rooms for 2 double beds, non smoking :) costed us $72 something plus tax a night. We probably won't be doing much but lots of swimming and probably going to see a movie or two at Branson Meadows movie theatre. The kids primarly like to swim and see movies and that is what we will do. This is their trip :) I will let you know all the details when I return.

Bransonfan 08-05-2002 11:19 AM

Sounds like Branson is booked this week. My sister, her son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren are going to Branson on Wed and staying until Sunday. I am jealous! My sister and I usually go when one or the other is going but because of my daughters wedding in Oct. no funds for this trip. Post and let us know how your trip was.

Cheesecake 08-05-2002 12:23 PM

Thanks Jerm......

You are very busy ........ and, it sounds to me like you are someone very special.....as the family tour guide. Love it.....and I know your family loves you....have fun.....and Im sure you do, no matter what the itenerary.......:):D

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