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Originally Posted by rjw1991A1 View Post
In true Hillbilly style, I think a lot of the Christmas lights are kept up year round!

My wife said I should keep our Christmas lights up year-round so I didn't have to bother with putting them up and taking them down every year. I said there is no way on earth I would ever do something like that. She said it would be OK down here. I said, sure... if you're a hillbilly!! She didn't like that comment much.

One thing I wish they did have... I will even put the idea out there for someone to get rich with if they want to bother with it. A combined Halloween/Christmas string of lights. The lights would be placed twice as close together as a normal light string, and alternate between orange and Christmas colors. You would control whether they displayed orange or the Christmas colors with a switch. You could put them up before Halloween, turn them off in early November, and then turn them back on at Thanksgiving.


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