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Originally Posted by MNtraveler View Post
I didn't see that the shows listed were out of place at all. The following make perfect sense:

Tribute Show: Liverpool Legends

Family Show: The Duttons or Haygoods. Both are excellent.

Male Entertainer: I've only seen Benjamin Dutton and Mickey Gilley, but I think a good case could be made for either of them. As the last nationally known entertainer left in Branson, I wouldn't mind seeing it go to Mickey... especialy since he may not be entertaining much longer.

Female Entertainer: I've only seen Amy Dutton and Barbara Fairchild, but you could make a good case for either one.

Show of the Year: This is the only category where I disagree with the nominees. My candidates would be Six, Haygoods, Presleys, Clay Cooper and Sight and Sound Theater.

Your picks for show of the year are right on, in my opinion.
Female entertainer of the year should include one young lady on the Celtic ladies (can't recall her name right now). My best female entertainer, would be easy for me to choose, Nadia Cole of AYO.
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