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Originally Posted by Branson Junkie View Post
And that is why variety of shows is good because everyone doesn't agree as to who or what is best. What I thought was odd about these lists was not so much who was ON the list but who was NOT ON the list. In at least one case I believe the entertainer's venue is a buffet. I don't believe that person belongs on the list, on top of the fact that this person is still riding on the laurels of one song.
Yes, it is a buffet. What can you say, this is Branson!

But it is not just one song... she had five singles to appear in the Country top 20. Sure, the last one was over 35 years ago, but how many Branson entertainers can even say that? The only regular performers I'm aware of would be Mickey Gilley and the Platters. No, she's not currently big and has switched to being as much gospel as country. But I think your comment was unfairly disparaging. When I saw her I thought she was still a pretty decent entertainer for Branson.

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