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I didn't see that the shows listed were out of place at all. The following make perfect sense:

Tribute Show: Liverpool Legends

Family Show: The Duttons or Haygoods. Both are excellent.

Male Entertainer: I've only seen Benjamin Dutton and Mickey Gilley, but I think a good case could be made for either of them. As the last nationally known entertainer left in Branson, I wouldn't mind seeing it go to Mickey... especialy since he may not be entertaining much longer.

Female Entertainer: I've only seen Amy Dutton and Barbara Fairchild, but you could make a good case for either one.

Show of the Year: This is the only category where I disagree with the nominees. My candidates would be Six, Haygoods, Presleys, Clay Cooper and Sight and Sound Theater.


Good Times in Branson
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