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Originally Posted by Crazy4Branson View Post
Another reason for the large number of single car fatalities in this area....
How many are there?

Not to confuse straddling the center line with other driving issues, but most of the Ozark American accidents I hear about are from dropping a wheel off the right side and hitting a culvert, or overcorrecting.

Being cognizant of your observation, on those curves I favor the right side of my lane, and assume the natives will want part of my lane near the center line. It seems to be more sensible than having them hit me.

I am a dog-lover, and if they hit me with their pickup, no telling where their dog would wind up.

When my nephew did that, dropped a wheel off the right and hit a culvert, and then wrecked, DW said, "and at hospital they could not find one of his kidneys." I pictured folks out along the road looking for it.

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