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09-05-2006, 12:37 PM
In another forum that I go to...we have a Pet thread started...because there are alot of new people, who just love to talk about their animal babies.

So, I thought since some time has passed, maybe we should introduce our pets with some stories............

Remember to keep the pictures small, cause some of our viewers have slow dialup connections, and large stuff makes the thread unbearable to load.


Introducing Rose...........the ruler of the MUD porch.
She is an intellectual orange tabby .... now about 10 years old.
She has taken care of two dogs,.......Tippy, especially when he was very old and dying. She cared for him by licking his face and eyes...and laying on him to keep him warm when he was shaking.

Tippy http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i37/Cheesecake_2006/th_MyPics063.jpg lived here on the farm for 15 years.
He could herd cattle, http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i37/Cheesecake_2006/th_MyPics600.jpg

and keep coyotes out of the barn yard, with the finese of a sheep dog...he could run like the wind...........he was German Shepard and Border Collie. When he died, of old age, and injuries caused by a wild dog fight (coydogs=domestic/coyote cross)...................we cried and cried and cried. Vowing to never ever get another dog.....cause we couldnt bear the pain of loss.

But about two years later, I was reading the newspaper on my way to Branson (The Truckinfarmer was driving)..........and, I saw a picture in the paper of an adult dog at the Shelter, who really needed a home on a farm, where she could run and take care of the cattle.............

I raced the following day to the Shelter, to meet: Matilda http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i37/Cheesecake_2006/th_MyPics424.jpg ....
She seemed to know my voice when I got in the door..........as she began to bark..........I didnt know it then, but I know it now.........

She just stood there and looked at me........and I knew and she knew........I was rescuing her from that cage, and life of abuse.

'Tilda is out there guarding the farm today...doing little herding, and she and Rose sleep in the porch on big dog beds.........they share the water pan, and she steals Meow Mix from Rose's dish, every chance she gets.

She eats canned food generally, as her first owners, abused her, and at one time she was suffering from a broken jaw...and she has a hard time with hard dry food.

We love our Cat and Dog...they are outside animals, but they are still cared for with the utmost respect.

Prior to these three animals, there were others.........bassets, and beagles, and cockapoos, and a Lassie collie, and some real mutts.........and we loved them all.........we had a cat for 17 years, named Ole......he was really crazy about licking the Olympia Beer cans............thus..Ole. He was orange too........

Rose was a tossed animal........literally....when you live out in the woods like I do, there are animals being thrown out all the time............cheaper than the shelter. It's very sad.........so we have ''refugees'' here all the time...........I either take them to the Shelter, or find them a home............

God Blesses us for caring for his creatures ...large and small.......
Ive had love'n cows too..........
Rosemary http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i37/Cheesecake_2006/th_MyPics726.jpg gave us many many good grade calves...that grew up to be wonderful mamas....she lived here 17 years.
She was a gift to hubby from his Father. The last gift.

Rosemary lived til she was so sick we had to put her down, and cremate her.
This is not usual, unless an animal gets sick, but we promised her, that she would NEVER go to a sale barn. And, we kept our promise.

09-05-2006, 02:02 PM
I have two babies. One is a twelve year old sheltie, who is still my "baby" even though she's now a senior citizen.

My other baby is a cockatiel named Newby who thinks he is the Prince of the House. Here's my favorite pic of him. It's not very good, but I call it How Good Was That Carrot? So good, I'm going to save some for later!

09-05-2006, 02:36 PM
We have three "fur babies" in our family.

First is Max, our 13 year old Golden Retriever.
He "IS" the Worlds smartest dog!
He is really getting up there in age, and has some terrible arthritis,
but he still loves to play as much as he can and we still love to get
in the floor with him and cuddle!:)

Then, we have Tippy & Emma, our 3-year old kitties.
My husband and I both work at City Hall, and one day, a cat wondered
into the building and found me. She climbed right up on my lap and kissed me.
I, of course, took her to my husbands office and said, "look who just adopted us!" Needless to say, after putting posters up looking for her parents, no one responded, so off to the vet we went. Once there, we were told that "C.C." was only around 8 months old, and was due to have babies at any time!:eek:

Well, a few weeks later she had 6 babies, right in our bed! After they were weened, we could only find a home for one of the babies. Then, a co-worker said her dad was looking for some barn cats and would take some if we wanted. I told my husband that I was NOT sending those babies out to the farm without their mother, so either I was going with them or "C.C." was... needless to say, I stayed home.

We kept 2 of the kittens (Tippy=black/white & Emma=tabby) as they were the 2 girls and were also the smallest of the group and I was worried about how they would do on the farm.

They have become like very real children to me! I think about them constantly (also about Max) and I just HATE to leave them when we go to work... never mind when we come to BRANSON! THAT JUST KILLS ME!
Emma sleeps on my right side, wrapped in my arm and Tippy sleeps between my husbands legs. During the day, they watch the birds at the bird feeder and they chase any bugs that are dumb enough to get into our house. They also both take turns cuddling with their dog-brother Max, as they both love him dearly!

09-05-2006, 03:09 PM
Oh gosh. Currently I've got the Gigi (Devil Dog), full blood Schipperke. She was a rescue at a local shelter. They had her for 24 hours and I know this breed is a rare one in these parts. After adopting her, we found out she had separation anxiety which leads me to think the previous owner never worked and then went to work and couldn't deal with the anxiety. Well we aren't about to give up on her -- she is on puppy prozac and has wormed her way into our hearts! Even my hubby's heart is smitten with this little bundle of fur.

Prior to Gigi, we had Pandora Sue (Pandy for short) who was a Chihuahua/Yorkie/Pekinese mix. She lived to a ripe old age of 22 before she passed on. Then there was Mr. Slick who we lost last year -- he was 24 when he passed on and was a black long haired kitty. When we got slick we also got Sara Sue - a short hair black cat with a white diamond. Sara was our old lady. She was 28 years and 4 months (in human years) when she finally passed on. We've had our share of dogs prior to this group, and they all seemed to live long lives -- so long in fact that the vet said he wanted to come test our water, LOL. But like I told him -- it was just TLC and lots of love!


09-05-2006, 03:56 PM
I don't know if you really want to know about our pets!

Let's see, there's Moose, our beloved mutt puppy....and Babe, our coy little black and white kitty....then Atticus, our 17 ft. burmese python....then a whole bunch of boa constrictors....and, let's see, don't forget the ball pythons, or the Australian pythons.....ooooh, the rainbow boa....

I know many people are just freaked out about snakes, so I won't post any pictures of them, but if you're interested, just go to our photo gallery http://www.junglemistreptiles.com/photos/ and click on any of the albums. There are actually some great pictures there too from Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs.

Anyway, I've attached a picture of the dog, at least!

09-05-2006, 05:28 PM
Do ya think there's enough space?
We had to have our Shih Tzu, Bandit, put to sleep 4 years ago,
vowed we would never have another dog. Bandit was ten yrs old!
Last Winter, I decided enough was enough!!! I've always had a pet
& wanted another, told Mr Blaze i was buying a puppy. He wanted to
know why, for we'll have it about 10 yrs, it will die, then we'll be sad!
Dutifully, I informed him the dog might outlive us!!!

TIGER, a PeekAPoo, was selected from a picture, for I totally fell
'in love' with him! I put his picture on the fridge until we went to get
him in April! The woman handed him to my Husband as I paid her!
YEP, you guessed it, that's all it took for him to be smitten with Tiger!
His cute little face, he even sticks his tongue out a little bit like a
stuffed toy & his hair is as soft as a Gund Bear!!!

I purchased a baby travel play pen & this is where he sleeps or stays
when we leave for a bit. He is mine during the day, but when Dh comes
in for the evening, they have 'guys time" & play until both are exhausted!

He has a chew toy, a purple thang, a hamburger & a ball that he can
grasp with his mouth. When he plays with the ball, we know he could
make a soccer team, for he pitches it up, hits it with his head & does
all kinds of tricks one sees in a soccer game!!

HE IS SMART! He's been telling me for weeks when he wants out or
needs more food or a cookie. As soon as he settles down a bit from
this high energy puppy stage, we know he can be taught a lot of tricks!

IF he wants me to hold him, he sits at the foot of my bar stool when
I'm on the laptop in the kitchen & whines until I pick him up!
YES, sometimes I post with one hand & Tiger on the other arm!
At that time I hit the all caps key! :D
His birthday is February 16, 2006!

He HATES a bath! (typical boy!)
He HATES a leash! (pitches like a wild bronc!)
I'm going to try a harness next, maybe he will approve of it with a leash!

Here are a few pictures a few weeks ago & it's time for more!
For now, drool over these cute ones & everybody say, "AAAAWWWW! ;)

09-05-2006, 05:50 PM
Oh I like it when we do this thread! I have a miniature schnauzer named, "Friend" and I love the heck out of her. She's extremely well behaved and is the most considerate PERSON I know. :D


09-05-2006, 08:56 PM
I have two dogs, Max is a Beagle/Bassett hound mix. We got him when he was around 7 months old. We've had him about 8 years now.

Maggie is a Schnauzer. We got her when she was 5 years old. We've had her almost 4 years now.

Here's my "grand-dog", Harlen, he's a ShizTsu. He's almost a year old now.

I also have another grand-dog that is a Schnauzer. His name is Cooper. He's 3 years old now.

All of these dogs don't know they are dogs. They are so spoiled!!! But I sure do love them!

09-05-2006, 08:58 PM
Cheese, I'm so glad you started this thread!!

09-05-2006, 09:04 PM
Cheese, I'm so glad you started this thread!!

Me too lol...
Everytime I come to read and look at the pictures, I break out into ''baby talk''.....love love everyone's pet stories...and when we get new people and we have to brag again................:D

09-05-2006, 09:53 PM
Me too lol...
Everytime I come to read and look at the pictures, I break out into ''baby talk''.....love love everyone's pet stories...and when we get new people and we have to brag again................:D

Bragging about our Puppy, TIGER, is equal to bragging
about our 10 very smart, intelligent, beautiful Grandchildren! :D :thumbsup: :applause:

.....and why did we name this 6 lb. 4 oz. puppy TIGER?
We started to name him CiCi, my Daughter told me that sounds like
a 'sissy' name! Then "Cruiser" was in the running, but I took a look at
him shortly after he came to live with us & "TIGER" seemed to fit him!
If you were this small, wouldn't you rather be named TIGER, than a name
like "TINY"? YEAH, that's what we thought also! ;)

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09-06-2006, 05:50 PM
I have three wonderful dogs. Trixie, the mom, is the one dh & I adopted together right before we got married in 1997. She takes care of all the other animals in the neighborhood. Including the birds, squirrels and any stray cats that come along. She will let them eat her food and drink her water. She never barks or snaps at them. She loves everyone. Give her a belly rub and she is your friend for life. We got her to be a guard dog and she doesn't quite fill that position very well, but she can talk to us. She will answer us if we ask her if she is hungry. Trixie will say "I'm Hungry." and it may be a fluke, but most people that she has said in front of understands her too. That is so cute. She had one big furball (only one in litter no more strange huh) Her name is Tera. Her "dad" is our neighbors black chow. She had the coolest hair color, it is black with a hint of burgundy. She weighs around 170 lbs. She is scared of everything. She is a big baby, that doesn't realize how big she really is. Then Trixie had another litter and we gave them all away but one little girl.
She is 100% mine. She doesn't like very many people. Her name is Lil Miss, because ironically she is small. She ways 25 lbs soaking wet. She is full grown and isn't even a foot tall. Odd seeing as though her mom is considered a medium to large dog. Lil Miss is my baby. She loves pizza, but only Domino's. If she sees, a domino's truck anywhere up and down the street, she thinks it should be hers. She will cry and whine and throw a fit. She is very intelligent. I can ask her which treat she wants and she will tell me in her own way. Pounding her front paws is a bone, and spinning around is for a "chewie" (Beef & Cheese wrap). She is spoiled rotten and loves me. She is my guard dog. When she is outside, she will bark and growl at anyone except for one little girl, walking down the street. The little girl helps me out by taking her on walks around the block. She likes this girl, me and dh. The rest of the world, she could care less about.

I will post pictures of my girls as soon as I can get some batteries for my camera. :D