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07-20-2006, 09:52 PM
First there was fire now it is wind accompanied by heavy rain. Below is a link to go and see damage that was done this afternoon in Eureka Springs. Windows were blown out of buildings including the Auditorium downtown and the Basin Park Hotel. Main street looked like it was a war zone. People were out till late this evening cleaning up debris, securing properties, cutting up trees off the highway and off Main Street.

As of now I have not heard of any injuries.


I know nothing about this website and have no affiliation with it in any way. It is just where the pictures were posted.

07-21-2006, 10:06 AM
Follow up report on wind damage.

I took a drive into town this morning and it seemed much like a regular day in Eureka Springs. People were milling about on the streets the only difference was that they were looking at some of the trees that had been topped off or taken out.

A few windows were blown out one of the Auditorium windows in a display case was broken and will have to be replaced. All in all the damage was mostly to the trees. All power has been restored. Crews were here most of the night and people came out with their chainsaws and cut trees up after power lines were repaired.

There are a few trees that have simply been moved to the side of the road and will be taken out later today.

Eureka Springs is open for business and with some of the trees out of the way you will get to see more of the buildings than what normally can be seen in the summer because of the trees.

Say what you will about Eureka Springs. Disaster hits and everybody teams up to take care of what ever is the problem. Eureka Springs is more of a community than anytown I have ever been involved with.

Come to Eureka Springs and take a look around you will find much to take home with you and it won't all be found in our shops.