View Full Version : Celtic Weekend Review

01-26-2006, 07:29 AM
Wow I don't know really where to start. It was a fabulous weekend. Town was full for all the festivities.

The Roberts Burns Dinner was overflowing. I apologize to those that we could not accommodate. We could not handle more than 120 so we plan to have two dinners next year, one on Thursday and one on Friday. We had wonderful readings of Burns and of course Mark Stanfield, www.kcbagpipes.com on the bagpipe was wonderful. Being trained in Scotland gives Mark a leg up on most pipers and his lovely wife, Kelli, on drums sets the nights atmosphere with a constant beat of days gone by. Arkansas Red was wonderful on the guitar and singing and a great addition to our annual weekend.

Workshops, Scotch tasting, and Scottish food plus bagpipes in the Basin Park brought back the heritage of both Scottish and Irish ancestry on Saturday.

The band Rowan www.rowancelticmusic.com was a real hit. They played at the Pied Piper on both Friday and Saturday night, opened for Tartanic, then played at the Crescent Hotel for brunch. This was a great introduction of a wonderful Celtic band to Eureka Springs. (We are now working on a solo concert of just Rowan so stay tuned) If you have not seen this band and have the opportunity, take it because they are very good.

People came from miles around to hear Tartanic www.tartanic.com and they were not disappointed. They amount of energy these guys have is incredible. I had people telling me after the concert, "This is a great concert and I don't like bagpipes, when are you having them back?" We're working on it. They are funny as well as great musicians.

All in all a great weekend and we are already working on next year.

Take a second and see what we have coming up in February. Valentines is just around the corner and we have two great nights planned for lovers or people that just enjoy great musicians in a laid back atmosphere.

Steve Shell