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12-19-2005, 09:35 PM
Just an FYI. Tickets are now available for the Saffire Concert at the Auditorium in Eureka Springs on May 13th. The ticket price will be $27 after March 1st but for the early birds they are available now for $23 and it is reserved seating. You can buy the tickets anytime of day or night online at www.PaperMoonAttractions.com.

May all have a peaceful and happy holiday season.


02-19-2006, 09:06 AM
The Early-Bird Special of $23 a ticket for Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women is starting to wind down. We've had a lot of people take advantage of this price for this great show. Saffire sells out when ever it comes to Eureka Springs but right now there are still some good seats available. Don't wait till you have to pay more for your tickets buy them now.

Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women
May 13th at the Eureka Springs Auditorium
Reserve tickets available online at www.PaperMoonAttractions.com or call 479-363-0363 or you can call the Auditorium at 1-888-855-7823

Don't wait, make your plans now and buy those tickets before the price goes uppity.

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