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10-28-2005, 09:37 AM
The first weekend of December, actually starting on November 30th, will be full of wonderful events in Eureka Springs that even Norman Rockwell would love to enjoy. Why not enjoy some of them and get those one of a kind gifts that you can only find in Eureka Springs for all your loved ones. Here is a list of special events that are happening.

First the Hunt Family Fiddlers (Nov 30th & Dec 1st) are coming in to perform their Holiday show of Irish songs and dance and fiddling around. If you have not seen them at Busch Gardens in Virginia then this will be your opportunity to see them in this part of the country.

The Passion Play will be having their annual show of Beyond Dickens back to the very first Christmas every Thursday Friday and Saturday Starting Nov 11th.

The 39th Annual Silver Tea at the Crescent Hotel at 2:00pm

The Christmas Parade will be at 6 o'clock Friday the 2nd. This is the parade that was featured in the A&E special on the 10 best holiday events in the United States.

The Candlelight Tour of Homes Dec 3rd from 4 to 8pm. You get to see some of those beautiful homes in all their beautiful holiday glory that you have always wanted to see.

Also on Dec 3rd is the Annual Christmas Ball at the Basin Park Hotel. Dress up and strut your stuff in a wonderful old ballroom and you will feel like you have been transported back in time a hundred years.

There are always wonderful things to do in Eureka Springs but the most wonderful part of Eureka is that you really don't have to "do" anything to have a wonderful time. Just come and enjoy being in Eureka Springs.

Perhaps there are those of you that have come to Eureka Springs during the holidays in years past and you would like to share some of your experiences. Let's hear them.

11-11-2005, 06:53 AM
Great article in the Morning News on the Hunt Family Fiddlers for those of you that are interested.